Dove Chocolate Just Launched A Gelato Bar Line

Mmmm, if there's two desserts everyone loves in this world it's got to be chocolate and gelato! They just scream “fancy, sophisticated, and delicious.”

According to Delish, Dove Chocolate is coming out with a gelato bar! There are two flavors: Triple Chocolate and Salted Caramel. The Triple Chocolate Bar has chocolate gelato, dipped in dark chocolate, and has sprinkled cookie bits on it. The other will be everyone's favorite, I bet. The Salted Caramel bar has salted caramel gelato, a dark chocolate shell, and butter toffee bits. 

Both bars are available right now across the country, and only costs $4.79 for a box of three. The only problem I see is how can I make room in my freezer for 50 bars?

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