Kiss A Ginger Day! My Top Gingers List!

Today is National Kiss a Ginger Day: A good day to find your favorite redhead and give them a smooch.

#10 - Ron Howard "Opie Cunningham"


#9 - Reba!


#8 - Jessica Rabbit (Honorable mention to Ginger from Gilligan's Island)


#7 - Ed Sheeran


#6 - Nicole Kidman - Oh yes, Days of Thunder!! Sorry Keith!


#5 - Jim Gaffigan


#4 - Prince Harry - Come on, he's a PRINCE!

#3 - Lucille Ball - I Love Lucy! Beautiful and hilarious! 


#2 - Dale Jr.


#1 - Ronald McDonald - That's right, Ronald GD McDonald! It's too bad "IT" and really all clowns made clowns creepy!



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