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Have You Ever Eaten an Entire Cake by Yourself? According to a new survey, 15% of people say they've actually done that . . . they've mowed through an entire cake without any help. The survey also found 58% would rather go to town on a chocolate cake than a vanilla one.

Just Before Mardi Gras, New Orleans Cleaned 46 Tons of Beads Out of Its Sewers Mardi Gras is only a few weeks away. And to get ready, New Orleans finally just cleaned up from many, many, many past years. They hired crews to clear out the storm drains from a five-block area in the French Quarter, right in the epicenter of Mardi Gras. And they wound up sucking out 93,000 POUNDS of beads from those sewers. That's over 46 TONS of beads. It's pretty clear they didn't realize THAT many beads were down there clogging things up . . . so now they're brainstorming ways to keep their drains clear

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