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Running Out Of Recipes? - Try This - Mom's Enchiladas!

Yes, that photo is from the now "Home Office". In an attempt to help with meal-planning, I've cracked open my wife's recipe book. These are favorites for the Mussman house!

Who better to give you an Enchiladas recipe than a Super Scandinavian woman named, Orla!

"Mom's Enchiladas"

Sauce: 1 can (10oz) Old El Paso Enchilada sauce (HOT)

1 can of water

1 tsp Chili Powder

1/4 cup butter

Oregano to taste

Garlic to taste

Salt to taste


1 lb of hamburger - brown your ground before mixing the following

1/2 lb Monterey Jack Cheese

Olives (I don't add these, cause I'm a fussy eater)

Green Onions

Parmesan Cheese

Cruz Tortillas

Dunk tortillas in the sauce, place filling on the the tortillas and fold/roll. Place in casserole dish, flap-side down. Pour sauce over the top of filled tortillas. Top with parmesan cheese and extra monterey jack cheese.

Cook 20 minutes at 325

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