"The Princess Bride" Homemade Remake Stars A Ton Of Stars! See Clips

A whole bunch of celebrities got together and did a homemade remake of "The Princess Bride". It was organized by director Jason Reitman, and it'll air in short installments on the streaming service Quibi, starting today.

There's not one set cast . . . Each part will be played by several different actors, who recreated various scenes from their homes. For instance, several couples get to play the leads, Westley and Buttercup . . . including Common and Tiffany Haddish, and Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner . . . who GENDER-SWAPPED. Joe plays Buttercup and Sophie is Westley. Their Corgi also makes an appearance as the "Rodent of Unusual Size."

Jennifer Garner plays a dual role, both as Buttercup and the old woman who boos her when she decides to marry the evil Prince Humperdink. Hugh Jackman and David Oyelowo are among the actors who'll play him. Patton Oswalt takes a turn as Vizzini in the scene where he challenges Westley to a battle of wits. Rob Reiner, who directed the movie, will play the old guy who's reading the book to his grandson . . . and Fred Savage will return from the film to play that part. Josh Gad plays him, too. The cast also includes Rainn Wilson, Keegan Michael-Key, Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black, Diego Luna, and Jason Segal.

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