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Map Shows Every State's Favorite Pandemic Cocktail!

So what has been your favorite pandemic cocktail?

Here's the full story:

Below, see the most popular pandemic cocktails people were sipping on in each state.

AL– Bellini

AK– White Russian

AZ– Jack and Coke

AR– Mojito

CA– Paloma

CO– Mimosa

CT– Coquito

DC– Bay Breeze

DE– Manhattan

FL– Pina Colada

GA– Mimosa

HI– Mai Tai

ID– Hot Buttered Rum

IL– Mimosa

IN– Tequila Sunrise

IA– Fuzzy Navel

KS– Wine Cooler

KY– Wine Cooler

LA– Daiquiri

ME– Rusty Nail

MD– Mimosa

MA– Painkiller

MI– 7 and 7

MN– White Russian

MS– Old Fashioned

MO– Margarita

MT– Dark N’ Stormy

NE– Moscow Mule

NV– Shirley Temple

NH– Margarita

NJ– Pina Colada

NM– Pina Colada

NY– Vodka Fizz

NC– Mimosa

ND– Sex on the Beach

OH– Shandy

OK– Bellini

OR– Lemon Drop Martini

PA– Wine Cooler

RI– Dark N’ Stormy

SC– Gijn Fizz

SD– Screwdriver

TN– Mimosa

TX– Margarita

UT– Rickey

VT– Cosmopolitan

VA– Mojito

WA– Mojito

WV– White Russian

WI– Old Fashioned

WY– Long Island Iced Tea

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