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Ladies Here Is Why You Shouldn't Pee In The Shower According To Doctor

A doctor named Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas is going viral on TikTok after telling women they shouldn't PEE IN THE SHOWER.

She specializes in physical therapy for pelvic floor muscles . . . the ones that keep your pee from coming out accidentally. And she says peeing in the shower could eventually lead to LEAKAGE. Or it's one bad habit anyway.

Basically, women's bodies aren't designed to pee standing up. And doing it too much trains your pelvic floor muscles to LET you do it. Which you don't want, especially as you get older.

Other bad habits include peeing when you don't really need to . . . hovering when you're in a public bathroom . . . and pushing your pee out really hard to go faster.

So does that mean guys can pee in the shower and not worry about it? Yes and no.

Obviously men pee standing up most of the time. But even for guys, there's a reason to not do it in the shower. It trains your body to associate peeing with running water. 

If you do it a lot, your brain will start thinking that running water means it's time to go. So you might start feeling the urge to pee when you wash your hands or fill up a glass of water. 


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