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Doctor Breaks Down Injuries The Wet Bandits Would Suffer From HOME ALONE

What's the best part of "Home Alone"? EVERYTHING!! But the Booby Traps are so GOOD!

A doctor is here to tell us how injured the Wet Bandits Marv and Harry would have been in real life thanks to Kevin McCallister's Booby Traps.

1. BB gun to the head and groin . . . That part when Kevin shoots Marv in the groin, then Harry in the face. The doc says the shots could break the skin, but will not penetrate the skull or the scrotum through fabric.

2. Iron to the face . . . When an iron falls on Marv's face in the basement . . . It's a serious enough impact to fracture the bones surrounding the eyes and lead to serious disfigurement and debilitating double vision if not repaired properly.

3. Handling a burning hot doorknob . . . When Harry grabbed the red-hot doorknob. In order for it to glow like it did, the doorknob would have had to be 751 degrees Fahrenheit. That means there's a high risk for infection and scar tissue limiting the flexibility and movement of the hand.

4. Blowtorch to the scalp . . . Harry would likely need a transplant because his skin and bone tissue would be so damaged and rotted. Especially since he just stood there and let it burn him for seven seconds.

5. Walking barefoot on Christmas tree ornaments . . . This happened to Marv . . . The doc says this is pretty insignificant compared to all of the other injuries.

6. Paint can to the face . . . When Harry and Marv are hit by paint cans while trying to climb up the stairs . . . It would fracture multiple facial bones, maybe knock out teeth, and also knock a person out cold.

7. Shovel to the back of the head . . . Done to Harry and Marv by the elderly neighbor . . . The doctor is not sure how a flimsy aluminum shovel wielded by an old man knocks them out, when they survived everything else up to that point.


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