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Vegas Has Odds - Who Will Be The Vikings Next Head Coach?

Vegas has already set the odds on who will be the Vikings next Head Coach! Look at the names that they think have a chance, even though Minnesota has yet to hire a General Manager.

Eric Bieniemy - OC Kansas City Chiefs

Bieniemy has a history with the Minnesota Vikings serving as a running backs coach back in the day before moving on to Kansas City. He's an offensive mind on one of the most innovative, attack heavy offensive teams but there are questions surrounding how much influence Andy Reid actually has on the offense and why Bieniemy hasn't been hired for a head job to date.

Byron Leftwich - OC Tampe Bay Bucs

Similar to Bieniemy, Leftwich is a young up and coming offensive mind in the league. He's tied to a dominant offense in TB but also in tow with Arians and Brady.

Brian Daboll - OC Buffalo Bills

Daboll led a bit of a topsy, tervy Buffalo offense this year but was able to turn players like Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs into MVP an MVP candidate and dynamic duo.

Joe Lombadi - OC Los Angeles Chargers

Lombardi and the Chargers might be out of the playoffs already which could expedite the process for him finding a new job. Like others, he has a proven characteristic that the Vikings might like having quickly developed and offense around a dynamic and young quarterback. He brings in some of the new look NFL that the fanbase is clamoring for.

Brian Flores - Former HC of Miami Dolphins

Flores is a bit of a surprise addition to the list as he was just let go by the Miami Dolphins this morning. It should be noted that Flores led the Dolphins to winning 7-games straight this season and swept the New England Patriots.

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