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YESSSS! Shark Week Is Back July 24th -See Some Of The Highlights!

Discovery has pulled some crazy stunts to get people to watch Shark Week. Remember that "documentary" about the modern-day megalodon?

Well, for its 34th edition, Shark Week has a handful of specials that sound like they're probably more hype than science. They include:

"The Haunting of Shark Tower": No, there's no underwater séance to contact ghost sharks. Just an exploration into whether great whites are moving into the waters of North Carolina.

"Air Jaws: Top Guns": Just more jumping sharks, but with a title that tries to exploit the biggest movie of the year.

"Great White Serial Kill: Fatal Christmas": Forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts are used to identify the shark that killed a surfer off Morro Bay, California on Christmas Eve.

"Jaws vs. Kraken": Evidence suggests there is an undersea war between great whites and giant squids. Who wouldn't wanna see that???

"Pigs vs. Shark": Tiger sharks in the waters off the Bahamas may be acquiring a taste for the famous local swimming pigs.

"Island of Walking Sharks": This one sounds like a cheesy Syfy movie, but it's an actual, supposedly-scientific look into whether or not sharks in Papua, New Guinea are evolving to walk on land.

"Mechashark Love Down Under": A guy in a one-man submersible shaped like a shark goes looking for a great white MATING GROUND off the coast of New Zealand.

"Jaws vs. The Blob": The Blob, in this case, refers to some kind of phenomenon that's forcing juvenile great whites into a feeding frenzy for, quote, "monster 20-foot adults" off the coast of Mexico's Guadalupe Island.

"Shark Women: Ghosted by Great Whites": An all-female crew goes on the hunt for missing sharks one of them had been tracking.

Full schedule:

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