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Bad Habits That Could Be Good For You!

Britain's "Sun" tabloid collected 12 "bad habits," and then listed a potential BENEFIT to that behavior, based on some random scientific research. Here they are . . . but keep in mind, this is just for fun. Despite the "science" they're based on, they may still have more negative ramifications than positive.

1. Chewing with your mouth full . . . makes food taste better by making the aromas easier to smell.

2. Biting your nails . . . boosts your immune system by introducing it to bacteria.

3. Chewing gum . . . sharpens your focus and memory.

4. Not cleaning up . . . messiness can be a sign of intelligence.

5. Slouching . . . can be good for joints and limit back stiffness after a period of hard, physical work.

6. Being late . . . makes you happy and less stressed.

7. Sleeping in . . . helps boost your memory and can help you live longer.

8. Playing with your hair . . . alleviates boredom and can reduce anxiety.

9. Peeing in the shower . . . cleans your feet and can prevent fungal issues. But if you have a cut, be warned, you could get a bacterial infection.

10. Fidgeting . . . can burn 10 times more calories than keeping still.

11. Gossiping . . . can reduce stress and anxiety. And laughing releases "feelgood" hormones.

12. Swearing . . . relieves pain, according to a study that found that cursing boosted pain tolerance by about 33%.

(The Sun)

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