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Parents! If You Are Going To Steal Your Kid's Halloween Candy, Steal These!

If you want to raid your kid's Halloween haul guilt-free, here are the top candies to steal: Someone polled adults and kids between 8 and 14, and looked at which candies we like more than our kids do. Here are the top ten.



1. Dove Dark Chocolate Bars.


2. Andes Chocolate Mints.


3. Almond Joys.


4. Mixed nuts. So that one's not candy, just a bag of nuts.


5. Baby Ruth bars.


6. Butterfingers.


7. Mints. Like the kind they hand out at restaurants.


8. Heath Bars.


9. York Peppermint Patties.


10. Whatchamacallits. 



They also looked at the candies kids like more than adults. 



So do NOT touch these: Sour Punch Twists . . . Pop Rocks . . . AirHeads . . . Nerds . . . Gummy Bears . . . Ring Pops . . . Double Bubble Chewing Gum . . . Sour Patch Kids . . . Welch's Fruit Snacks . . . and Pixy Stix. 




Extra weird Halloween tidbits:

The average child collects almost 7,000 calories of candy on Halloween night. And in Germany, it's tradition for people to hide their knives on Halloween night.

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