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Country Artists' Nicknames - Some You May Not Know

ave you even made it in country music, if you haven't been given a nickname? put together a list of the best ones. Here are some highlights:



1. King George: George Strait


2. Man in Black:  Johnny Cash


3. Chief:  Eric Church


4. Toad:  Blake Shelton


5. Big Dog Daddy:  Toby Keith


6. The Gambler:  Kenny Rogers


7. Duckman:  Riley Green


8. Possum:  George Jones


9. The Hag:  Merle Haggard


10. Bocephus:  Hank Williams Junior

Tater Tot - Taylor Swift

While Taylor Swift has earned quite a few nicknames over the years (Tay Tay, T. Swizzle and Swifty, just to name a few), one of our favorites is the lesser known Tater Tot. That's because the endearingly embarrassing pet name was given to her by Brad Paisley! Well known for on-the-road pranks, Paisley came up with the nickname for Swift when she toured with him in 2007; Swift says he even changed the name on her dressing room every day!

Cadillac - Randy Houser

Back in 2010, Randy Houser told The Boot he earned the nickname Cadillac "because I like everything real smooth. I'm laid back like that. I don't like anybody messing with my good time!" Houser's second studio album, 2010's They Call Me Cadillac, is an homage to the moniker.

Woody - Shania Twain

Here's to hoping this nickname died when Shania Twain's first marriage ended! So the story goes, Twain's ex-husband, producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange, called her Woody because a hairstyle of her reminded him of Woody Woodpecker -- yes, the cartoon bird.

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