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Got Kids? Here Are Strategies From Parents To Get Some "Me Time"

Like you have never hidden in the bathroom to just get away for a little "Me Time".

Have you ever had to AVOID your kids for a half-hour or so, because you were just too overwhelmed?



A new poll asked parents HOW they avoid their kids when that happens. Here are our top two strategies . . .



40% admit they've locked themselves in the bathroom to hide from their kids . . . and 34% have pretended to be asleep.



The poll also asked about the top items parents with young kids feel like they HAVE to have on hand these days.



The top answers include snacks . . . toys and games . . . wet wipes . . . arts-and-crafts stuff . . . books . . . and a smartphone or tablet to keep them busy.



Coffee also made the list. A third of parents said it's essential. 





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