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Bad Driving Habits? Blame Your Parents!

If someone cuts you off in traffic today, don't blame them . . . blame their PARENTS. According to this, that's probably where they got it from.



Someone asked 1,000 people about their driving habits, and also their PARENTS' driving habits. And if your mom or dad did things like speed or roll through stop signs, there's a much higher chance you do it too. 



Two-thirds of people who admit to dangerous driving say they were raised by parents who were ALSO bad drivers.



People in that group were three times more likely to have been pulled over in the past 10 years . . . and three times more likely to have points on their license.



Here are some of the bad habits parents are most likely to pass down . . .



1. Speeding. 55% of people who speed say their parents did too.


2. Road rage.


3. Poor spatial awareness, like drifting into other lanes.


4. Being a bad parallel parker.


5. Sudden moves, like cutting people off.



Now here are the top GOOD driving habits we inherit . . .



1. Always using turn signals. 46% who do it say they learned from their parents.


2. Staying calm behind the wheel.


3. Driving the speed limit.


4. Moving over, so other cars can pass.


5. Letting people merge.



The poll also found 55% of us think we're better drivers than our parents in general. 




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