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Hacks On How To Stay Cool In These Hot Temps!

It's still one of my favorite tips given to me from Lee Brice. We were doing a jumbotron interview and before we started I asked him where he got that sweet shimmering black button down shirt. Lee told me when he plays outdoor shows in the summer, he dunks his shirt into ice water before taking the stage. Brice says, "I'm gonna be a sweaty wet mess, I might as well hit the stage soaked & chilly."

A poll asked people to name their top hacks for staying cool in summer. And SHAVING YOUR WHOLE BODY made the list.



Shaving off body hair just missed the Top 10. One in ten people said they've groomed themselves to stay cool during a heatwave.



Here are our Top 10 tactics, none of which require a razor . . .



1. Drink lots of stuff with ice in it.


2. Eat ice cream.


3. Sleep naked, or in your underwear. No pajamas.


4. Close windows and curtains to keep cool air in, and sunlight out.


5. Cold showers.


6. Drink something HOT, like coffee or tea. Studies have found that can actually cool you down.


7. Use multiple fans, strategically positioned.


8. Take a frozen bottle of water to bed. It was a trendy hack a few summers ago.


9. Sleep in something breathable, like cotton.


10. Put a wet towel on your head to cool down.



Here are a few more that made the Top 20: Put a bowl of ice in front of a fan . . . put your feet in cold water . . . eat something spicy to make you sweat more . . . sleep outside . . . walk around in wet socks (???) . . .



And finally, 4% of people have tried to beat the heat by popping their sheets in the freezer before bed.



(Daily Mail)

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