Carrie Underwood Had Her Freckles Removed, Owns 250 Pairs of Heels, and more

Carrie Underwood has freckles? Nope, because she had them removed! She told People, "I had freckles on my face and they were in the exact same spot on both of my cheeks, so I got teased at school.  I remember asking my mom if we could get rid of them.  Well, I did get rid of them."

She also got braces more than once, quote, "I had bad teeth, too.  I had to get braces more than once.  I actually had them on the bottom for three months while doing red carpets, but no one knew, so I felt like I had a secret."

She also played 29 Questions and revealed some fun facts like that she can bench 100 pounds! Check it out:

Rachel Ramsey

Rachel Ramsey

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