Super Bowl Winners Pay More in Taxes Than You Make in a Year

Everyone thinks players want to win the Super Bowl for pride, bragging rights, going down in history, etc... but a big incentive is all that cash! Every player from the New England Patriots got a $107,000 bonus... EVERYONE, even 3rd string rookies. Not to mention that Super Bowl ring that's $30,000.

Here's the deal though, that's all taxable and since most players are in the highest income bracket, taxed at 39.6%, they paid roughly $54,252 in taxes on those winnings.

The average household income in America is $52,000, something to think about. I'd feel bad for the players except the average NFL player salary is $1.9 million, which is why they can afford to pay those $20,000 fines.

Unless you're Marshawn Lynch, and you just show up so you WON'T get fined...

Rachel Ramsey

Rachel Ramsey

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