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Beauty and the Beast blew the box office out of the water for a new record!

This weekend's box office:

1. Beauty and the Beast - $170 million

2. Kong: Skull Island - $28.9 million

3. Logan - $17.5 million

4. Get Out - $13.2 million

5. The Shack - $6.1 million

Beauty and the Beast roared to the top of the box office with $170 million over the weekend, a record for a March opening, while Kong: Skull Island dropped from first to second with $28.9 million. The action flick has now made $110.1 million.

I went to see Beauty and the Beast Saturday morning in IMAX and couldn't believe how packed it was! 10am and a sold out theater?? No wonder it made that much. Gotta say I loved the movie, had high expectations and they were met for sure! If you're a fan of the original, the remake is basically scene by scene the same, and Emma Watson is great, so I'd go back for round two for sure! Also, a complete 180 from Beauty and the Beast, I saw Kong: Skull Island last week and it was a great monster movie that I'd give 2 thumbs up! If you still haven't seen Get Out, it's a must see; and if you're looking for a little country in theaters, The Shack is Tim McGraw's new movie.

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