You Can Help Dierks Bentley's wife raise money for a homeless shelter in Nashville as she runs the Boston Marathon

Dierks Bentley's wife Cassidy will run her second Boston Marathon on Monday and she's raising money for Safe Haven, a homeless shelter in Nashville.

Dierks says, â€œI am so proud of Cassidy. It’s so fun watching her get ready for this race. It takes months and months of preparation and determination to pull this off.”

She's already raised more than $11,000 and you can add to that at CassRunsBoston17!!!  [Tennessean]

From last years Nashville 1/2 (soooo many hills😣) I've taken a lot of pictures with D over the years in full, professional hair and makeup....always trying and failing to impersonate someone who is comfortable and relaxed in front of cameras. When I see those pics I often feel a sharp disconnect. But when I see pictures of me after races...sweaty and spent and proud and smiling I feel a wave of recognition of my true self. For those of you who are running April 17 I look forward to seeing your post race pictures 👊🏃‍♀️

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