Guy bowls a perfect game in 89 seconds!!!

Syracuse - How fast can a bowler roll 12 consecutive strikes and achieve a perfect game? For Ben Ketola, the answer is 86.9 seconds. Ketola, of Preble, is believed to have recorded the world’s fastest 300 game at the 10-lane 281 Bowl in Cortland on April 5 by rolling 12 strikes in 1 minute, 26.9 seconds. The 23-year-old two-handed bowler raced from one lane to the next and registered strikes using a different ball on each lane — striking twice on lanes 1 and 2 — to score 12 in a row for a perfect game in approximately the same time it takes to microwave a bag of popcorn. “It was fun to do. I honestly wasn’t expecting to do it,” said Ketola, a 225-average bowler who works and bowls at 281 Bowl. “I just wanted to see how quickly I could get across the house and get strikes.” While there is no official speed category in the official United States Bowling Congress’ record books, Ketola wanted to attempt the unusual feat after watching a 2015 YouTube video posted by pro bowler Tom Dougherty. In the video, Dougherty fired 12 strikes over 12 lanes for what was billed at the time the world’s fastest 300 game in 1 minute, 50.99 seconds. “One day while I was practicing I decided I wanted to give it a try and see if I could do it,” said Ketola, who bowls at least 50 games a week between league bowling and practice.

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