Three ways to make someone fall in love with you by Valentine's Day

Idk who these relationship experts think they are, but they claim you can use these tricks to make someone fall in love with you before Valentine's Day... I thought we learned from Bruce Almighty that's not possible?

Either way, you've got about 5 weeks to make it happen, the three tricks to try:

1.  Introduce them to your family. I shows them you're serious and makes them feel closer, but don't do it TOO soon, like if you just started dating. 

2.  Do a ton of fun and exciting things together leading up to Valentine's Day. By the time the big day gets here, it's like every day is Valentine's Day together. 

3.  Binge-watch a show together. It gives you something to talk about and bond over, and depending on if it's a long or short show, experts claim it's a sign of commitment if you both agree to something with a lot of episodes. (Game of Thrones anyone?)  

Daily Mail

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