This Couple Had a 'Break-Up' Photo Shoot...

These 22-year-olds are going viral after their 'break-up' photo shoot. Now Harrison Bach, the guy in the photos and the mastermind behind this project explains to Cosmo that it's not exactly what it seems. 

"I gotta give a rundown of the project, everything's been lost in translation," Bach said over the phone, which was blowing up with Twitter notifications throughout our conversation. He explained that Jackie, the woman in the photos, is actually his ex-girlfriend. But, despite the hilarity behind the Twitter jokes, this wasn't exactly a breakup photoshoot.

"We broke up about a year ago, we didn't break up and have someone take photos," Bach said. "There is still a lot of tension between us. It was really just an ironic project to take the same photos people take when they're happy in a relationship, but when it's over and everyone's bummed out."

The photos have now gone viral and have resulted in some pretty hilarious memes. 

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