WATCH: Teenage Girl Asks Her Disney-Obsessed Mom To Prom

Francesca Pfeiffer is a 17-year-old high school student in Utah who has a really unique prom date. Francesca decided to ask her mom, because her mom never got to go when she was in school. 

Francesca talked to The Huffington Post about her mom, Caridad: “She adopted me when I was young and gave me everything. And she’s diabetic and has almost no feeling in her fingers, but she still managed to pack up a house and move a state away in three days when I was accepted to really great high school.”

“I’m excited to make prom up to her,” Francesca said. “Her happiness is my priority, she has done everything for me and now that I’m old enough, I can give back.”

Click here to read more and watch the promposal below!

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