Our Top 10 Comfort Foods

We all have our favorite comfort foods as well as variations of them. For example, I love soft serve ice cream over a homemade waffle.

Here are the top 10 comfort foods according to Ranker

1.  Grilled cheese sandwiches.

 2.  Chocolate.

 3.  Pizza.

 4.  Ice cream.  Frozen yogurt came in 39th.

 5.  French fries.

 6.  Macaroni and cheese.

 7.  Chocolate chip cookies.

 8.  Mashed potatoes.

 9.  Fried chicken.

 10.  Spaghetti and meatballs. 

Yours isn't on here? It probably ranks in the top 50 which you can find here

Photo courtesy of Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue

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