HELP NEEDED: Flags For Fort Snelling

According Flags for Fort Snelling's website: 

Two days before Memorial Day 2015, Joanne Malmstedt learned that Fort Snelling no longer had the ability to place flags on the graves of the Veterans laid to rest at their cemetery. Calling friends and family into action, a movement began to try to collect as many flags as they could. Falling quite short of the 180,000 flags needed to blanket the cemetery, the volunteers were still proud to still have placed over 3,000 flags in such short notice.

Today, the effort continues and is growing. We still will not have enough flags to blanket the entire cemetery this year, but with your continued support and attention, we can get there! Our most dire need at this point is funding, so please keep the individual and corporate donations coming. We cannot express how much we appreciate your help!

Click here to help donate to Flags For Fort Snelling! 

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