12 Awkward Moments Every Minnesotan Has Endured At Least Once

Only In Your State gives a very accurate list for awkward moments that every Minnesotan has endured at least once! Check it out below: 

  • Having to explain that St. Paul is the capital

--Minneapolis may get all the glory, but St. Paul is indeed the capital. It's a fact that baffles many outsiders, who automatically assume otherwise. 

  • Trying to explain to out-of-town visitors that Mall of America is just like any other mall

--We love Mall of America, but sometimes it's hard to explain that it's just like any other mall. 

Accidentally insulting Wisconsin in front of a Wisconsinite

--They’re meant with more of a neighborly rivalry than any real malice…

  • Being asked to pronounce certain words by non-Minnesotans

--No, we will not say "boat" again. Or "milk." Or anything that rhymes with those words.

  • Having to ask a stranger to jump your car

--Luckily, most people are nice about jumping your car or helping you through a slippery intersection.

  • Trying to go to a liquor store on a Sunday

--Luckily, this is changing very soon!

  • Slipping on an icy sidewalk

--With such rough winters, it's bound to happen. And no matter who's around, it's always an embarrassing moment.

  • Eating the last piece of anything

--Without fail, as soon as we've finished our last bite, we'll find out someone else wanted it. Oops.

  • Following an out-of-town guest to their car when they leave

--We've had to learn the hard way that a long goodbye is not commonplace everywhere.

  • Cheering for the losing team

--Everyone loves an underdog, right? Minnesotans have certainly proven that they do. We always root for our teams, even when they've let us down again and again.

  • Having to explain that Fargo is not in Minnesota

--Classic movie aside, "Fargo, Minnesota," just does not sound right.

  • Dressing inappropriately for the weather

--You'd think we would have seasonal dressing down, but it's hard with weather as crazy as ours.

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