The Average GPA of A Millionaire

My husband's reading a book about grit- a word I hear a lot these days. The title, in case you're interested, is "GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance."

Here's another story that found grit to be a key factor in your financial success.

The author of the new book Barking Up The Wrong Tree crunched some numbers and discovered that the average millionaire’s GPA is only 2.9.

The author, Eric Barker, found that high school valedictorians certainly do well in the working world, but they rarely become billionaires or people who run the world in general.

Instead, they’re wired to follow the rules and become part of the system, which doesn’t pay quite as well as being a revolutionary.

High achieving students also generally score high in the personality trait of conscientiousness, while millionaires – with their crappy 2.9 GPAs – are known for their grit. (Business Insider)

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