The Two Spots on Your Face You're Most Likely to Miss with Sunblock

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How careful are you when you put sunblock on?  Do you make sure you cover every square inch? I wasn't good about wearing it growing up- but am becoming an expert in adulthood.

A recent study had people apply sunblock to their face.  That's one of the #1 spots for skin cancer.  Then they used a special UV camera to show the spots they missed.

And the average person missed about TEN PERCENT of their face.

There were two specific areas they missed the most.  So pay close attention to these two spots when you're putting sunblock on . . .


1.  The bridge of your nose.  A whopping 77% of people in the study missed it.  And a lot of people also missed the SIDES of the bridge of their nose. 

2.  Your eyelids.  14% of people in the study missed them, probably because they didn't want to get sunblock in their eyes.

But eyelids are where 5 to 10% of all skin cancers happen.  So it's another important spot you really don't want to miss. 

(Daily Mail)

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