Kevin Durant Roasted by Peyton Manning at the ESPYs

PEYTON MANNING made fun of KEVIN DURANT at the ESPY Awards in L.A. last night for signing with Golden State last season . . . just to win a championship.  And Kevin did NOT seem amused.

They showed his reaction on the jumbotron . . . so everyone at home AND in the audience could see it.  And he never even cracked a smile.  He just looked angry.

Peyton's joke was actually pretty solid.  He said the U.S. women's gymnastics team was so dominant at the Olympics that Kevin wants to play for THEM next year.  Everyone in the audience cracked up, including Kevin's mom Wanda who was sitting right next to him.  But Kevin just stared Peyton down.

Then Peyton asked Kevin's former teammate RUSSELL WESTBROOK what HE thought.  And Russell MOCKED Kevin by copying him, and shot Peyton the same annoyed look.

The two of them haven't been on the best terms ever since Kevin bailed on the Oklahoma City Thunder last summer to join the Warriors.

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