Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 7.14-7.16

My boyfriend Austin and I took a few days off work and headed into the wild. Tent Packed. Swimsuits On. Fishin Line Strung. Drinks Pre-Popped. 

Our 5 day home was cozy and everything we wanted. 

Mother Nature put on quite a show every morning. Showin' off her beauty before the rest of the world wakes. 

5.5 miles under these walkin' boots as of Saturday afternoon. We spent the day kickin up the dust. takin' the road less traveled. got lost 3x. walked side by side with 1000 MN state birds (mosquitos) and already can't wait for our next off roadin' adventure. 

My. Favorite. Place. with My Favorite Person. Playing with poles all afternoon- kept only the keepers and had a fish fry around the fire once the worms and minnows disappeared. 

The babes caught a babes! First bass of the mornin'. Too little to keep but the memory was worth the picture. 

puppy sitting. YES PLEASE! Little Sadie joined us for the last few moments of camping. Austin's bro was busy chasin' a girl so we asked to chase Sadie till the sun went down. 

Stole. My. Heart. 

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