Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 7.21-7.23

SECRET PROJECT: I have been working on something a lil special for the K102 website. This is a SNEAK PEEK PIC----> boyz. boots. and a car wash. 

Ps ::not a bad way to start a weekend if y'all ask me::

StAy TuNeD ......

After hosting Finally Friday with the lovely peeps of Inver Grove Heights I came home to date night with my man. Ordered in (my favorite) and got all sorts of dressed up for a movie night *The War Of Planet of the Apes* 

Two Thumbs WAY up! Loved. it. Whose side are you on HUMANS or APES? No monkey business- its war. 

BEST CHARACTER: Bad Ape. Couldn't get enough. Spin off??! Just sayin' 

Saturday night was HEAT IN THE STREET with the ROWDY city of Glencoe. Amazing moment: I got to meet the band Shenandoah who have won countless ACMs, CMAs and Grammy Awards. Nicest guys I have gotten to chit chat with in a long while. Thick Southern Accent and true gentlemen with a whiskey twist. May be a little older generation but they still got it. 

Glencoe citizens you have out done yourselves. I don't think I had a moment to sit down and my lips didn't get a chance to rest- tryin to meet y'all. So Rowdy! 

Shout out filled with love for those who serve. You make nights like these possible. Hugs and Love to you. always. 


I am a huge fan of A Thousand Horses. Smoke. Sunday Morning. Preachin' To The Choir. 

They are a mix of cowboy and gospel. A little Jesus and Dirt. Nothing better in my opinion. Stayed until the last cord played and lookin' to see where they are playing next. 

*****Until next year Heat In The Street****

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