See Where Minnesota Ranks: The Best Big Cities to Live In

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Apparently, if you want to really make it in the big city, the key is to pick a city that's not SUCH a big city. just ranked the 62 cities with populations over 300,000 from the best to worst big city to live in.  And number one is...Virginia Beach, Virginia.  It's the 43rd largest city in the country, with a population of about 450,000- big, but not huge.

The rankings are based on 50 different criteria, covering just about EVERYTHING you can imagine that makes for a good place to live . . . like costs of living, taxes, jobs, entertainment, safety, sports, weather, and commute times.

The 10 best big cities are:  

1. Virginia Beach 

2. Seattle 

3. Pittsburgh 

4. San Diego 

5. Colorado Springs 

6. Austin 

7. Minneapolis 

8. Las Vegas 

9. Denver 

10. San Jose.



And the 10 worst are:  

1. Detroit 

2. Memphis 

3. St. Louis 

4. Baltimore 

5. Fresno, California 

6. Indianapolis 

7. Long Beach, California 

8. Santa Ana, California 

9. Miami 

10. Cleveland.


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(Here are the rankings for all 62 cities.)

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