STUDY: What Women Find Most Attractive In Men

In a report called Masculinity Around the World, Americans were surveyed about men on subjects like their style, hobbies, and traits, and women on their opinions of what they consider sexy or unsexy in a man. Some of the results definitely surprised us... Check out some of the highlights and tell us if you agree!!

The Type of Guy Women Find Most Attractive in Europe and the US

  • 50 percent reported they like "manly and metro" (manly but care about appearance)
  • 38 percent like "manly men" (don't care too much about fashion and have laid-back tastes)
  • Eight percent like "none of these"
  • Four percent like "metrosexual men" (have high interest in fashion and refined tastes)

How Women Feel When a Guy Cries in Front of Them

  • 55 percent said they feel trusted/honored
  • 21 percent said they feel sad
  • 14 percent said they feel neutral
  • 10 percent said they feel uncomfortable

Activities Women Find Sexy When Men Do Them

  • About 70 percent of American women said baking
  • About 55 percent of American women said painting
  • About 60 percent of American women said dancing
  • About 50 percent of American women said babysitting
  • About 25 percent of American women said yoga
  • About 15 percent of American women said knitting

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