Woman Escapes Kidnappers Using A Manual Transmission And Nerves Of Steel

This is a girl's worse nightmare. A college student was kidnapped by three men and held at gunpoint. According to Jalopnik: 

The three men approached her, pushed her to the ground and put a gun to her head. They forced her to drive her car and withdraw money from an ATM and then told her that she was going to be taken to a location to be raped." 

However, Jordan Dinsmore had one advantage. The men couldn't drive her car because it was a stick shift, so they made her take the driver’s seat. That is when she concocted a plan to escape. After she withdrew $300 out of the ATM, she got back into the car and left her seatbelt off, she hoped her kidnappers didn’t notice the seatbelt alarm chiming.

She decided to purposefully roll her car into the intersection, threw her car in neutral, then she opened the door and jumped out, while the vehicle was moving at 35 mph. Once she landed she screamed for help, a woman came to her and called 911. Dinsmore suffered only minor scrapes and bruises from her escape and her 2009 Scion even managed to be in pretty decent shape after the attackers crashed it. 

Even though she managed to escape she still has trouble sleeping, but is thankful her attackers didn’t know how to drive a manual transmission car.

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