Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 7.28-7.30

My Sista came to town! Some surprises make your heart explode and this one was over the top for me. Family runs deep in this tribe so it was a cousins night. 

Drinks + Apps were a must on Friday night. Giggles and making fun of each other still have my soul full. 

My Sista stayed at my place Friday night. Minions entertained us until we couldn't keep our eyes open any more

Woke up to my prince charming making breakfast for his ladies :) 

Lucky girl... (he did ask for a tip) $$$ ----> dream on kiddo 

SATURDAY!! Florida Georgia Line DAY known in my house! 

FGL is Austin's favorite band. FGL is my life soundtrack. I got a new dress to impress. Austin brought the dance moves thanks to some Old Camp Whiskey. 

Some date nights are just SMOOTH. This one was one for the books. 

The one and only pic I took....too busy boot stompin' and screamin' at the top of our lungs.... #photofail #morenexttime

Sunday was a little ride on the struggle bus. Nothing better than a Turtle Mocha and a good book to cure the whiskey memories. 

Yes- I sit in Barnes and Noble and read like it's a library. Yes- I need a manicure. Yes- I should have stayed in bed. 

Florida Georgia Line + BackStreetBoys + Nelly + Chris Lane= thank you for making this Minnesota Girl so happy

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