Chivalry Survey: What Women Want

Is chivalry dead? 

It is according to single women who responded to a recent survey. In fact, a whopping 73% said chivalry is dead. And they're not talking about helping you put on your coat or pulling the chair out for you or other seemingly old fashioned dating rituals. 

The number one thing single women wished men would do is pretty simple: 

*84% of women said they just want a guy to call when he says he will. 

*83% said that it would make them happy if the guy they went out with checked to see if they got home safely at the end of a date. 

*82% said not cancelling plans at the last minute was a big deal to them. 

*80% said just a quick text during the day would do the trick. 

*78% said turning his phone off during dinner on a date was the kind of chivalry they were craving. 


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