Wedding crashers behind viral $1 gift come forward (Video)

This week, a couple on their first date went viral for crashing a wedding and becoming the life of the party. According to UPI

Karen Tufo, the bride, took to Facebook last week to detail the saga of a mystery couple who attended her wedding to husband Mike and left them a card apologizing for crashing the wedding along with a $1 gift described as a "buck for luck."

The mystery couple has now come forward. 

Carly Wolfson said she contacted Tufo on Facebook Messenger after the story went viral.

"I messaged her on Facebook apologizing. I was like, 'I'm so sorry," Wolfson told WCBS-TV. "She was like, don't be sorry. Best gift ever."

Wolfson said she was on her first date with Ritchie Barry, and the evening became something of a romantic game of "chicken."

Wolfson said the couple came up with a phony backstory, including a fake engagement ring, and attempted to blend in at the wedding.

Wolfson said the "buck for luck" gift was a family tradition.

"We do a buck for luck for birthday or whatever and in case they remembered us I put a Polaroid picture in there," Wolfson said.

The bride said she is hoping Wolfson and Barry's relationship goes well, so she can eventually crash their wedding.

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