Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 8.25-8.27

let the state fair scavenger hunt begin. SPOTTED: Child having a melt down+ grandma with a tramp stamp+mullet+shirt with mustard stain+old school vikings jersey. my strong squad family ate, drank and checked the Minnesota State Fair off their list of things to do before the summer ends

momma came to visit me at the fair with her sista and friend. three New Yorkers doing the fair- shopped till they dropped. 

See that backpack she has? LOVE THIS----> she brought spoons, wet naps, paper towels and zip lock bags for x-tra cookies. Such a mom. 

Saturday AM Chris Carr and Co was LIVE at the Fair. 

Pronto Pups, Double Chocolate Malts and Tacos---> Breakfast. Of. Champions. 

NOPE.  nuff said. 

Saturday Night this girl brought the curls to the island. Brad Paisely you put on one hell of a show. 

Dustin Lynch you stole my heart with that smile. Linds Ell girl you are #girlbossgoals. Chase new tune will be on K102 soon, congrats my friend. 

Treasure Island your welcome for the $60 you took from me within 10 minutes. Ill stick to pull tabs

Sundays are for projects in our little castle. ikea- you are impossible. thats all I have to say about that. 

Yes. I finished it. Yes. It looks good. Yes. Im still frustrated hrs later. 

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