How Many Calories You Burn With "Intense Cleaning"

I love the end result after I clean- the actual act of cleaning- no thank you. That's why I set a timer before I clean, put on a workout outfit and get it down as quickly as possible. Apparently, "intense cleaning" can be a real calorie burn...

Researchers found that doing two hours of intense cleaning can burn about 600 calories. You only burn about half that running a 5K! Researchers used fitness trackers on participants to determine the intensity and calorie count of each task. Here’s how you can clean your way fit:

  • Vacuuming for 20 minutes = 80 calories
  • Cleaning the bathroom for 20 minutes = 100 calories
  • Mopping for 20 minutes = 107 calories
  • Cleaning windows for 20 minutes = 115 calories
  • Dusting for 40 minutes = 194 calories 

(Daily Mail)

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