Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 9.1-9.3

Saturday mornin' came early for these curls. But.Worth.It.  Breakfast was a deep fried cookie dough. Lunch was a banana split with xtra chocolate dizzle. Food filled the tummy- giggles and Chris Carr and Company goofballs filled my heart. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped along the way to grab somethin' on a stick- meant the world you said hi + hugs. 

since I was an itty bitty my daddy and I make dollar dollar bill bets on the weight of the BIG MINNESOTA STATE FAIR PIG! 

This year Babe was 1,400LBS! had muffins and pancakes in his dish for snacks. Not gunna lie sometimes I feel this way after I sneak that last kit kat. Don't.Judge.

Its. Pink. 

Its. A. Drink. 

SIGN ME UP! had to try these girly thangs in the Grandstand. these lady cocktails are just like the pretty girls that sip 'em. Cute and keep ya coming back for more. 

There. Are. No. Words. 

Bucket List- CHECK! Sam Hunt you put on one hell of a show! don't think I stopped shakin' these hips for days after. Amazing. 

***We stayed up all night long - made our drinks too strong***

Sundays are for the ladies. My beautiful tribe is good for the soul. Gossip queens + flirty princesses. 

Thanks Bootleggers for letting us close the place down. Monday-you came too early. SNOZE ANYONE? 

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