Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 9.8-9.10

I hung at a CUB FOODS RE-GRAND OPENING in Eagan, MN to kick off the weekend. Passed out prizes and sunny shades to anyone that said HI! A magician made me smile and this girl made my night #K102number1fan 

Dear Vincent van Gogh, I don't know how you did it. 

*My brush had a mind of its own *Austin painted me more than his canvas *dropped that yellow more times than I can count

The drinks got stronger- Our masterpieces got better. 

Shout out to: Rusty Windmill @rustywindmillmn- Thank you for your kindness, patience and humor. You made this night unforgettable. We will be back soon with more Rum and Xtra Cookies 

Just because my good friend Klent's life goals is to be on the blog :) SHAMELESS 

Klent. THE artist of the evening. Dat moon doe. 

friends come in and out of your life but the good ones you hang on tight too. Been with me through the awkward hair days, fashion don'ts and outrageous teenage moments. 

Loved catching up with you at the Burnsville Fire Muster. You did a hell of a job putting it together and can't thank you enough for letting me be apart of a staple in my hometown. 

Burnsville Fire Muster- It has been too long. You are bigger and better than I remember! 

Austin is that your gun or are you just happy to see me?! walked away without a prize but still felt like a winner with this guy next to me. (so cheesy I'm aware ha!)  

Sunday was dinner and drinks in the sky. Date night @Betty Dangers. Marked this down as a repeat MUST. 

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