Student Finds Brilliant Loophole In Professor's Exam Instructions

Talk about reading between the lines! This kid was allowed a 3x5 notecard to use for his first exam of the semester. Well after looking at the syllabus a little closer, he realized that his professor never specified that it was only to be a 3x5 in. notecard, so the student brought in a notecard that was 3.5 feet! 

After taking a look back at his syllabus, the professor realized that he did in fact never specify the metric unit for the notecard, therefore it was allowed. He said in all his years of teaching this course and giving students a similar syllabus, this has never happened.

But he will give it to the student...this time. "I appreciate someone who A) had the intelligence to recognize this loophole and B) the audacity to put that together and bring it in."

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