Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 9.22- 9.24

Last year I had a BAD idea- "Let's Run Ragnar." I said. "It will be fun." I said. 

My final words from last year: "I am never doing that again." 

365 days later. Here I stand. Once again. Shoes on tight wondering how in the world I got into this...again..... 

Ragnar Trail located in the deep woods of Wisconsin is not for the faint of heart. 

3miles @ 5PM +8miles @12:30AM +5miles @7:00AM. Eight teammates. 24hr relay. Green+Yellow+Red. 

Runners of every shape and size challenged themselves mentally and physically with one goal in mind- get back safe. get back quickly. get back to snag your beer. 

My personal race:

3 miles* piece of cake. I was ready for this. I spent most of the time signing to Spice Girls+FGL+Jock Jams. The woods-rocks-roots were on my side. I was fearless. A+ 

8 miles* HARDEST RUN OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! I tripped over every rock, roots and stump possible. The darkness played with my mind. The isolation had be running not for speed but from fear. After a tumble to the ground I picked myself up- shed one tear- and began again, tripped, began again, tripped began again. the finish line was like Xmas come early F- 

5 miles* I was filled with determination. The heat was setting in but I was ready to DOMINATE! Right leg caused a limp but when that adrenaline pumps you don't care. Clocked in with a FANTASTIC time Dare I say: I loved it.  A+ 

Lessons learned = proud of my performance/walking just a bit taller with pride than I did 24hrs prior


Cheers to the scraps and the bruises. 

My final words from this year: "I am never doing that again." 

::::in other words : see you next year Ragnar:::::

I mean... come on now... luck runs deep in these veins. 

walked in broke + walked out champions 

sundaze are made for food+naps+football in our little castle. we bleed purple/gold and cheer xtra loud when its a tie game with the cheeseheads (go CIN)!! so green...Minnesota Born. Minnesota Raised. 

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