Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 9.29-10.1

Double the Trouble + Double Date Night

Dear Texas Roadhouse, my thighs thank you for your cinnamon butter with buttered bread. my ass thanks you for your Kenny Chesney Blue Chair drinks and my taste buds thank you for steak bites cooked to perfection. 

Yes, I did have ice cream when I got home. I can feel you judging me from here.  

That Saturday sun woke up this dream team pretty early but thats alright this weekend was already dubbed a "Castle Remix" weekend. Our little home was getting a FULL MAKEOVER starting with a visit to my favorite store: SLUMBERLAND FURNITURE. 

We have 2 tempurpedic beds + pillows + sheets BUT with winter&holidays coming it was time to update our living room. We wanted a new couch. something to sleep on, relax on, chill on. One that made our house a home. 

Yes! we found- THE.ONE. (pictures to come) Thx Slumberland for all your help and putting up with my shoeless comfort tests. Love you guys. 

Mr. Fix It had his own personal project- give our kitchen table a little brush up. 

Paint and Stain at it's finest. 

while the Gladiator worked outside, I stayed in. My job: tape and trim- a little grey accent wall has been on the to do list since we moved in. 

I had more paint on my hands and pants than on the actual wall but I could have told you that was going to happen :)

••two•• Head Coaches in this ••A team•• upgradin' the castle hot mess style #diy #strokeit 

Paint Life. 

OVERALL: IT LOOKS PHENOMENAL. can you fall in love with a wall?!

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