Google: New Headphones Translate 40 Languages in Real Time!

Google unveiled a bunch of new products on Wednesday, including two new Pixel phones, and a mini version of their Google Home assistant.

The coolest item? Their new headphones, called Pixel Buds . . . because they can translate 40 different languages in REAL TIME.

You just tap one of the earbuds, and say something like, "Help me speak Spanish."  Then if someone around you starts speaking Spanish, it automatically translates it into English for you.

They'll cost $159.  That's exactly the same as Apple's AirPod headphones.

The one catch is the translator doesn't work with just any old phone.  It only works with new Pixel phones right now.  So you have to buy one of those too if you want to use it.  The cheapest new Pixel phone retails for $650. 

( / Wired)

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