Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 10.6-10.8

Saturday morning I woke up to my boyfriend Austin singing at the top of his lungs a song he made up. It went something like: IM GOING HUNTING-YES I AM- IM GOING HUNTING- CUZ I CAN- I LIKE COFFEE- SO DO YOU- IM GOING HUNTING- BAMBI IM COMING FOR YOU. 

it was 5am..... seriously. 

I asked him if this was real life. Can a girl sleep in?! He smiled and said, lets do breakfast before I go. I swear he is a sour patch kid. First they are sour+then they are sweet #lovehim 

Saturday night was a Chris Stapleton NIGHT! This Man is unbelievable. I have never heard a crowd that loud. He is a guys guy + a mans man. Women love him cuz he can sing. Men love him cuz he can jam. 

Raw talent. Unreal. 

sneak peek: backstage Christ Stapleton was serving: Colonel E.H. Taylor

In a Rolling Stone interview he was quoted as saying, "I like a bourbon from Kentucky called Colonel E.H. Taylor. It's kind of hard to find." So it was pretty damn cool he had a bottle there for us to try. 

It made the hairs on my arm stand up and my throat burn just a bit----> Just the way I like it! 

Brunch on a busy Sunday is a NECESSITY! Tavern on France: thanks for the grub and a table far enough away from ears so we could gossip for hours. 

this ray of sunshine and I have been friends since elementary school. we take that forever friends promise VERY SERIOUSLY. 

Part of my Babe Collection <3 


Happy Birthday to Austin's Mom. Not a day over 21 :) 

No one won tonight but hey if I'm not gunna win then ain't no one gunna win. So close- next time I got this. 

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