Woman Finds Wedding Date on Twitter, Now They're Engaged

Two years ago, a girl in Des Moines, Iowa named Madison O'Neill was going to a wedding with her brother.  But he found a date last-minute, and she didn't want to be the third wheel.

So one day before the wedding, she went on TWITTER looking for someone to go with.  She kind of did it as a joke.  But a guy she knew from high school named Charlie Dohrmann responded.

She was a year behind him in school, and they weren't really friends.  She actually thought he was kind of annoying.  But she took him anyway, and they hit it off.

At that point, Charlie had already enlisted in the Navy.  And six weeks after the wedding, he had to leave for San Diego to start boot camp.  But they've been dating long distance ever since.  She's at the University of Iowa, and he's still in San Diego.

And when she went to see him recently before he got deployed, he PROPOSED.

Last week, she re-posted the first tweet from two years ago that said, "[Hit me up] if you wanna be my date to a wedding tomorrow."  Then she posted a photo of the proposal, and said it's "crazy how things work out." 


(Twitter / Time)

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