MUST SEE: Woman's Unbelievable Story About The Birth Of Her Child

This woman's story is going viral because of something crazy that happened when she gave birth a few weeks ago. Do you blame her for being mad, or should she just get over it? Let us know!

This could be quite outing for me, but I'm buying caring now.I had my DD 6 weeks ago. It was a traumatic birth and ended in emergency section. As they took me into theatre DH called his DM as he was so shook up and just wanted some support. She is a doctor and works in the same trust as I was delivering in, although she doesn't work in the women's hospital. Anyway, she was able to obtain access to the recovery area with her works access card, and just let herself in without permission.I wasn't asked if it was okay if she could be there, and because I was being stitched up on theatre still, she held my DD before I even got to. I'm so angry and upset about this. Prior to going into labour, I'd discussed with DH that I didn't want anyone visiting for atleast a day or so, let alone have MIL there before I've even held ny own child. I'm livid that the midwives allowed her to be there without asking me and I'm angry that DH didn't advocate for me more too. He should have told her not to come, or to wait outside. A doctor came and spoke to me whilst I was in recovery and mentioned some very personal information about me, medically, which she then overheard too.I'm actually in tears this morning thinking about it all again and so angry and upset still. I had a long recovery as there were complications during the birth and so have only just really processed it. I haven't spoken to DH about it and wouldn't want to make him feel bad by bringing it up now but I'm really upset by it. I don't really know what ny AIBU is to be honest, but just wanted to get it off ny chest to someone.

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