Why Black Friday Shopping Is Down

Black Friday

Are you planning on hitting the stores the day after Thanksgiving? I might go out for a couple hours, but it's nothing compared to when I was a kid. My Mom used to get us out of bed before sunrise, we'd shop ALL day and basically finish our Christmas shopping. It was tradition. People are doing the latter less and less these days...

The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, has long been the biggest shopping day of the year. And while it will probably be again this year, experts say that fewer shoppers will be battling the crowds for those deals. 

A new survey found that 52% of respondents said it's less likely that they will shop on Black Friday this year. 64% of those who said they won't be shopping, said it's because they didn't want to deal with the crowds. And 44% said it's because they can get discounts that are just as good on other days. 

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